My Journey as a Widow

The Dash

The Dash–it’s the small dash between the date of birth and the date of death. How do you sum up a person’s whole life with such little space? Better yet–how do you sum up Jake Rush’s life and who he was in just a few words? Well… here’s the outcome…

front of headstone

Jake Rush was a Husband, Son, Brother, Friend, and of course, Texan.

A Husband

First and foremost in Jake’s life, he was a husband. He loved me more than life itself. He did not like to be away from me as much as I hated to be away from him. He was my best friend. He treated me like a queen. He didn’t like to admit it (and sometimes didn’t show it) but he was a romantic. I mean, come on…he cooked me dinner for our 3-year dating anniversary. A candlelight dinner. He even went to the Cheesecake Factory (for those who do not know, cheesecake is my favorite dessert–Jake knew how to win my heart) and got my favorite cheesecake. I thought he was going to take me to dinner somewhere. We got in the car and he said, “I forgot my wallet at my house.” So, we drove all the way back to his house. I’ll be honest, I was annoyed with him. Really–you forgot your wallet. I was sitting in the car in his driveway, then he called me and said “It’s taking longer than I thought. Go ahead and come inside.” I walked into the house and it smelled like yummy Italian food, and there before me in the living room was a little table with candles, a rose in my plate, and Michael Buble singing in the background. It was the most perfect evening.

Jake was always so good to me and constantly wanted to make me happy. When I was upset or sad, he would pick (or force) my chin up because he knew one look at him and I would smile. One look–that’s all it took. And he knew that. *Side note–I told me brother that memory, and he said, “Well, Beck, all you have to do is look up and you’ll see his smile.” So, I look up at the sky and I feel better.* Jake made a point to always pray with me–we didn’t remember to pray together all the time, but when we did it was a precious moment. His prayers were heartfelt–I know he would have prayed with our children. This is an understatement, but Jake was a one-of-a-kind husband.

A Son

Jake adored his parents. He loved spending time with them. He loved texting his mom funny inside jokes. He loved game nights with them, and watching the Cowboys and Rangers play. He loved biking with his dad and would ask for advice on all things biking. Every Friday for lunch, he would go to the Lewisville meat market and eat bbq with this dad. He even would go to his grandparents’ house just because–he loved his Granny’s cooking, and he loved watching the Rangers with his Pop. He was so proud be their son and grandson.

A Brother

Jake’s sister, Gentry, meant the world to him. He loved his sister. They would text back and forth often. He called her Geeg :). I’ve never seen two siblings get along so well like Jake and Geeg. I’m sure that they got annoyed with each other, but they always loved each other. Gentry, Jake loved you so much. He thought highly of you, and he wanted you to be happy always. You were (and still are) such an amazing big sister to him.

A Friend

Jake was a loyal friend. He would do anything for his friends–and he would stick up for them. Jake was the kind of guy that just made you feel better with a simple hug or smile…there really is nothing better than a “Jake hug.” Oh how I miss those hugs. He loved all of his friends. I wish I could name everyone here, but it would be the longest blog ever. You know who you are–I am so thankful for your friendship with Jake. 


Anyone who knew Jake can say “Amen” to this. Jake was a VERY proud born and raised Texan. And that’s an understatement. When we were deciding on how to decorate our new home, of course it had to be red, white, and blue with Texas stars! His groom’s cake was the Texas state flag! He would live no where else besides Texas–I’m actually surprised he went out of state for college. Jake was born, raised, married, and died in Texas. He really was a True Texan. 

Finally, Jake was a child of our Heavenly Father.

This was by far the most important thing to him–being a child of God and serving his Father daily. For the time I was his friend/girlfriend/fiancé/and wife, I saw his faith grow leaps and bounds. And it was a beautiful thing to see. He inspired me daily to be a better Christian woman. As we grew closer to God, we were growing closer to each other. And that is so important in a marriage. I smile now because he’s got it made–he is in Paradise waiting for Jesus to come again. What better place to be.

Jake was an amazing guy, an amazing husband, an amazing son and brother, an amazing friend. I know we all wish we had more time with Jake, but I’m so blessed to have spent the time I did with him. God has truly blessed me by putting Jacob Andrew Rush in my life. Jake has left a mark on my heart forever. And I will always love him.

So, my friends, I leave you with Jake’s favorite verse which is on the back of his headstone. Romans 8:28. May we all remember that for those who love God and strive to do His will, things will together for good–such a true statement. Our goal in life is to get to heaven and bring as many people with us as possible–that’s what it means by things working together for good. God never said our journey would be easy and painless. As Christians and children of God, we are called to walk the road less traveled; a road that does have heartache and pain but also joy and happiness.

back of headstone  

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