23 years ago…

To my beautiful, courageous baby sister,

23 years ago on the 11th of June, I became a very proud big sister. I don’t remember too much since I was only four and a half, but I do remember how excited I was to finally meet you. I remember mom letting me listen to her belly when you were still inside–I was so fascinated! And then, you finally came. You were here! Daddy took Phil and I to go see you; I remember peering through that glass with amazement. And, apparently, I ran up and down the hallway saying that I have a baby sister! Before I could hold you, I had to wash my hands (which didn’t make sense to me at my age but I did it anyway); but, I was beyond excited to hold you and be a big sister.

For the longest time, mom would have to stay in my room until I fell asleep, but when you finally were able to sleep in my room, I told her that I am a big girl now. So, we shared a bedroom for a few years, then we were finally able to get our own bedrooms! We fought a lot–I think it was that we just have very different personalities that didn’t really mesh well together. But, Krista, even though we haven’t been the closest of sisters, I have always and will always love you. I don’t tell you that enough. I love you, Krissy-poo.

I want you to know the kind of woman I see through my eyes–caring, compassionate, serving, forgiving, loving, loyal, never gives up, beautiful inside and out, gentle. You have such a unique heart. You care so deeply for others and are so incredibly loyal to those you love the most. I know there have been events and circumstances in your life that have brought you so low. I know that your life hasn’t been an easy one. But, you just keep pressing forward. You may not think you are strong, but you have a strength that most people don’t have. Believe that you can succeed–because you have.

I know you miss your brother-in-law everyday, and I wish I could give him back to you on your birthday. I wish that he was here to make you laugh, take you shooting, talk to you, hug you, inspire you, and protect you. But know that he loved and thought of you as a sister. I’ve always been so protective of you–wanting to fix everything for you. It tears me up inside that I can’t protect you from the pain you feel about losing Jake.

But, you know what, God is carrying you through this. He always will. God has always been there in your life. He’s hard to see when you’re in pain, but He’s there. I know Jake is smiling down on you my dear and he’s rooting for you. Just think about the wonderful reunion we will have in heaven one day–that makes me smile.

Always lean on God, Krista. He’s going to be your constant through everything in life, and He’s the only one who can make you whole and put the pieces back together. Don’t ever be satisfied with the relationship you have with God–always want and need to know more and more about Him. Most of all, know that God’s got this. And He’s got you.

So, happy 23rd birthday to my little blessing! Because you are truly that–a blessing. I love you so much girl!


your big sis and forever friend

1 thought on “23 years ago…”

  1. Becki, Beautifully written. Krista is very strong, sometimes she just needs to be reminded. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write such a wonderful tribute to your little sis!
    Love you for the big sis you have always been!


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